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    “For thousands of years we have fought bloody wars that have cost millions of lives. Do you know why we had so much conflict? Simple. Resources. We killed and maimed each other so we could have a bigger piece of the pie. So we could have more. Today we have grown more resource hungry than we have ever been and we are milking our planet dry. So what can we do to satisfy the extreme thirst we have developed? War? No, no need for such savagery.

    The answer does not lie here on earth but in the heavens above us. We must look to the stars for the ore we so desperately need. Yes, I am talking about asteroid mining. Now I see you all have your hands raised, no doubt you will scream at me that this is not possible and that we do not have the technology available to us. That is where you are wrong… ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the world’s first fully functioning cold fusion reactor…”

    Sir Alfred Richardson CBE, FRS, – Research & Development Director of the Royal Holloway Space Corporation

    With the perfection of the cold fusion reactor under their wing the Royal Holloway Space Corporation has it’s eyes firmly set in the stars. Well, better said, they have their eyes firmly set on nearby asteroids. Why? Asteroid mining for precious and rare metals of course!

    They’ve developed the ships that will conduct this mission, now all they need are the pilots…

    “Military Liaisons” is an arcade astro-shooter/Visual Novel where you play as Flight Lieutenant Colin Michaels, an ace RAF pilot that is sent to the Royal Holloway Space Corporation’s secret test facility in Switzerland for a competition to see which country’s pilots are best qualified for this strange but marvellous mission.


    * A delightful and charming story

    * Multiple endings

    * A fun and addicting astro-shooter minigame

    * Beautifully drawn sprites

    * Enchanting soundtrack