About Us

We are a Melbourne based games and production company. We are best known for the Silver Creek Falls series. Our other releases include our first game release is Kings and Generals: A Divided Loyalty and Last Days of Spring. Follow us on our blog, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with our progress. Our vision is to keep making touching immersive adventures again and again.

“There is something utterly delightful in being frightfully entertaining. It’s about charming people with stories, art and music. A well-done game will ideally feel like a friend or a place one once lived in. I hope that ten years from now, people will listen to the music of our games or re-read the plot and remember the good times they had living in our fantasy world.

It’s also about balance, games are both a science and an art and that balance between engaging gameplay that is challenging yet not frustrating is an absolute must. This applies to the story as well, I believe in a natural flow for the narrative, art and music of the game. Never overburden the player with too much lore in one go, let the player receive it piece by piece that they will carry in their heart forever.”

There is basically two of us, with some external help. Here are some vanity shots…

Creative Director copy 

Antonio Lorenzo Carino 
Creative Lead B. Architectural Environmental Engineering – University of Nottingham D. Professional Music – Berklee College of Music M. Project Management – University of New South Wales 

Antonio is the main writer, music composer and cinematic director for Sapphire Dragon Productions. Antonio is a seasoned composer for music for commercials and documentaries with companies like IKEA, IGN and Parks Canada using his music for their media. Antonio has also worked as a freelance writer, eBay merchant and for various NGO’s including The British Red Cross and the Boston Children’s Chorus and draws from this wide array of experiences to weave his fantastical fiction.  

Carlo Antonio Diy 
Game Play Lead M.B.A – Monash University
B. Multimedia Systems – Monash University 
Carlo has worked in Digital space for 10 years in various technical and management roles. Working for marketing companies such as Clemenger BDO and Colmar Brunton Market Research with clients such as Qantas Airways, News Digital and various departments of the Australian Federal Government. After delivering some seriously big projects, he realized it was a distant memory from his college years creating models in 3D studio Max with textures from Photoshop and importing them into the Unreal Tournament engine. He fondly remembers designing virtual reality shopping areas and creating online casinos in Java. With that in mind, Carlo believes its time to play real-life GameDev Tycoon.