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    “The Barkley Hotel & Spa” is one of the most prestigious resorts in all of Miami, Florida, and most interestingly of all… it’s for sale! You play as Greg Newport, a hospitality consultant hired by Helena Barkley (the CEO of “The Barkley Group”) to helm the hotel during its final week before it’s sold to the highest bidder.

    How much will the resort sell for?

    Will you live up to the expectations of Helena Barkley?

    Can you keep her employees from turning it into a madhouse?

    Can you even keep the hotel in one piece?

    There’s only one way to find out…

    “Hotelier” is a hotel management sim & romantic comedy visual novel featuring:

    * A charming and often hilarious storyline

    * Relaxing jazz and bossa nova soundtrack

    * Beautifully drawn sprites

    * Elegant hotel and spa setting

    * Multiple endings